4 Exercises for Aching Knees

  • Terri

    I do martial arts and have weak knees, what type of exercises can you recommend to strengthen them?

  • Jessica

    I’ve recently started exercising. I thought that my knee was bruised, but there is no swelling or discoloration. I noticed after today (leg day) my knee was hurting worse. Same feeling of being bruised, but again no swelling or discoloration. Any ideas?

  • wayne dyer

    I am a 60 year old runner who needs a hip and knee replacement on just the left side my right knee and hip are in great condition my question is after I receive my replacement will I be able to run .bike and swim again or should I just come to terms with my injuries

    • Hi Wayne, we would recommend you consult with your primary care physician about your health. They should be able to connect you to a specialist who can help. If you are looking for a physician, please use our online tool: http://bit.ly/findphysician.