7 Days to Better Sleep

  • Alexis Jackson

    What if you work nights? how are you suppose to get the adequate amount of sleep during the day. I know for me i might get only 4 hours of sleep at the most during the day so what can i do in order to get the amount of sleep i need?

    • Shift work is very difficult when it comes to developing sleep patterns. Not everyone with shift work may have problems sleeping, but a significant number of people are affected. Inconsistencies in work patterns can make it more difficult to form healthy sleep habits. The number one thing to remember is that light is what keeps you up. Sleep in a room with complete darkness, and avoid natural light after your work shift. Wearing dark sunglasses until you get in to the dark room will reduce stimulation. Avoid stimulants (caffeine, etc.) too close to bedtime. When you alter your work calendar frequently, try adjusting your sleep schedule closer to the times of each working shift for a more natural transition. The bottom line is, if you’re having problems sleeping, please don’t hesitate to consult a physician. –Dr. David Luterman