New gel cap used in the NICU to help prevent ‘flat head syndrome’

  • TXBX

    Any mom or caregiver can easily use a commercial or homemade wedge or a rolled-up blanket to slightly change a baby’s head position. Most well-informed mom’s I’ve known did it anyway, so the ‘idea’ isn’t new, only the commercialism. I’ve seen the rolled & stitched up blankets, a soft wash cloth, and a cloth diaper used in many hospital nurseries, so the concept is not new. Maybe too many people are just too lazy to take the precaution. Marketing a product to give the same results may make more people aware. …. hopefully.

  • Wendy

    I am disappointed that this was not available for my grandson,He spent 2 weeks in NICU and still has a flat spot even though he has been fitted for a helmet,now facing 2 surgeries and will not be able to wear his helmet soon,this would be so great for him as he is 6 months and this would still help him so much .
    A concerned Grandma

  • Joanne Brace

    Out of all the baby buys I bought for my premature (29 weeks) twins the very best was a simple triangular cushion support so they could sleep on their side. Every time they wake for a feed we change the cushion around and it has totally removed the risk of flat head syndrome – so simple but so effective

  • Mary Holley

    Neat idea, but in the Level II NICU I worked in, we were allowed to position the babies on their sides and/or on their abdomens as long as they were on C&A monitors – which they were, at all times, when they were there. Therefore, they weren’t laying only on the backs of their heads for extended periods of time.

  • Mercy

    My baby is a preterm I had her at week 28 n she stayed at nicu for 2months.she is close to 2years now but cannot still sit unsupported falling backwards n side ways.she also can stand while holding hands on couch.although she is on physiotherapy.she is very intelligent n social. Dr said it could be as a result of oxygen not bin able to get to some part of d brain but she will be fine n by d time she starts walking that her walk might not be very smooth.
    Pls. Ways ur take on dis n wat other advice can I get from u from experience n testimonies?
    Waiting for any related writeup that can be of help

  • Donna

    Awesome! I was a nurse in a NICU and saw many babies develop plagiocephaly, both premature and full term. I also worked in an early intervention program, seeing babies birth to three after leaving the NICU and with the result of plagiocephaly, helmets were ordered. They are expensive, uncomfortable, and depending on the family, many were never worn. This is great and I hope this works out that it can not only be utilized in the NICU, but also in the homes!!

  • Nicole Gingerlowski

    where can I get one??