Return to Work Lab: A Firefighter’s Story

  • A very inspiring story. Firefighters are truly dedicated people.

  • Alê E Paulinho Gesta


  • Danielle S.

    The story is heartfelt. The team members are like no other, their dedication, passion and doing what makes logical sense in the road to recovery is not so easy to find in similar programs. There is no question it is “the right thing to do” for this man and all public safety heroes and industrial athletes. I know you have touched many lives in the Return to Work Lab, and as a whole society benefits too. Keep up the good work cardiac rehab team, your country needs you.

  • Art Signo

    Thanks to the Cardian Rehab team at Baylor University Medical Center for helping the men and women who risk their lives helping other people. This is a terrific program!

    • Danielle S.

      I agree Art

  • Carole Salamah

    Why does a Firefighter, this millenium, have to travel so far for such a program? Baylor Cardiac Rehab, great job in helping break the myth! Let’s get these people back to work!!!

    • Danielle S.

      Well said Carole!

  • Piper Hammock

    Thanks for this life sustaining work. The video is an inspiration. Congratulations!

  • Lisa Rizzo

    Outstanding video! Outstanding program!! Truly life changing.