9 Loaded Carries to Strengthen

kettlebellsWhile many people seek out complex weight workouts, strength and conditioning guru, Dan John, preaches that simplicity is key in the weight room. Many fitness trainers support the idea of sticking with the basics. A fundamental movement Dan encourages are loaded carries.

What are loaded carries?

Grab some weights and walk. That’s it! Although this may sound simplistic or boring, loaded carries are much more complex than the name might seem.

When you think of metabolic conditioning, do you think of looking like a lost puppy holding onto an 80-pound kettlebell? Well how about you give it a try and tell me how fast your heart is beating, and tell me that’s not metabolic conditioning. While walking around aimlessly with weight strapped on, the demand placed of the nervous system also carries over to other lifts.

Getting stronger carrying weight translates to increased strength in all other lifts.

Another reason I am a big fan of the loaded carries is the benefits they have on posture. Majority of jobs include countless hours hunched over at a desk, with the inevitable fate of developing poor posture. Loaded carries, in fact, promote healthy posture and strengthen supporting muscles. Not only does it help develop healthy posture, but loaded carries also significantly develop the core. Think you have a strong core? Try loading up. Hands down, loaded carries stimulate full body development and should be incorporated into your routines.

Here are some examples of weight positions to perform loaded carries:


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9 Loaded Carries to Strengthen