ALS Ice Bucket Challenge renews interest in disease

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues to draw headlines and high-profile participants, bringing an enormous level of attention to the worthy cause of fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

With a reported $70.2 million in donations to the ALS Association since the end of July, it’s tough to argue that the challenge is not a very good thing — even if those silly videos are overloading your Facebook feed.

The campaign is also drawing renewed attention to a deadly disease that we still have much to learn about.

Lavanya Nagineni, M.D., a neurologist on the medical staff of the Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth, recently spoke with dailyRx News about the fact that we still know very little about ALS risk factors, for example.

“Pesticide and fertilizer exposure was associated with ALS in a small study recently, but given the small sample size and the lack of direct exposure measures these results suggest that residential exposure factors warrant close attention in studies examining risk factors of ALS,” Dr. Nagineni said in the interview with dailyRx News. “Smoking, occupational exposure to metals, dust/fibers/fumes/gas and radiation, physical activity were not associated with ALS in a small study.”

The interview was part of a piece that looked at five important facts about ALS. In addition to the limited knowledge of risk factors, the article notes:

  • ALS Is Not Contagious
  • ALS Is Hard to Diagnose
  • There Is More Than One Kind of ALS
  • Medicines Can Prolong Life Expectancy

For more details, read the full story and watch a video on the dailyRx site.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge renews interest in disease