Emily Hein

Emily works as a Clinical and Outpatient Dietitian at The Heart Hospital at Baylor Plano. She has a strong passion for cooking, hot yoga, and believes that moderation and enjoyable physical activity are the keys to a healthy life.

Cooking for two made easy

When you’re cooking for just two, sometimes grabbing takeout or a microwave dinner seems easier than putting together a balanced meal. Most recipes are built for a family of four to six, and fresh produce seems to go bad before it’s used. But your eating habits and weight don’t have to suffer just because it’s only two …

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The Dangers of Football Games on Your Diet

Ever find yourself nervously munching on chips when your cherished team isn’t doing so hot? You aren’t alone. A recent study conducted by France’s INSEAD business school had some interesting findings about how wins and losses can affect our eating habits. On Mondays, following a Sunday NFL game, participants in the study consumed 16 percent …

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Making Sense of the Pumpkin Spice Craze

It may not always be the perfect fall temperature here in Texas, but there is more than one way to know the season has arrived; Fall starts when the pumpkin-flavored craze begins. The grocery store shelves begin to fill with pumpkin flavored cookies, muffins, coffees, pastries, doughnuts, ice cream, even marshmallows and beer. Our favorite restaurants …

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3 Quick Tips for a Healthy Cookout

Summer wouldn’t be the same for many Americans without the traditional backyard barbecue. By planning ahead and making healthy choices, you can enjoy summer barbecues and reduce your risk for developing chronic diseases. Add flavor and variety to your next barbecue with these 3 quick tips: 1.  PLAN AHEAD AND SERVE SMARTER SIDES Know how many people …

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