Erin Reynolds, PsyD

Erin Reynolds, PsyD, is a clinical sports neuropsychologist and director of the Baylor Scott & White Sports Concussion Program at The Star. She specializes in the treatment of sports-related concussions. As the mother of two student-athletes, Dr. Reynolds is passionate about the benefits of playing team sports in childhood and adolescence. Get to know Dr. Reynolds today.

How to get virtual concussion treatment at home

Are you or a loved one experiencing concussion symptoms? If you’re worried you may have experienced a concussion, it’s important to get checked out right away—an untreated concussion can be dangerous. The good news is, if your concussion is mild, a virtual visit can get you connected with expert care from the comfort and safety …

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The evolution of concussion treatment

As doctors and researchers, our understanding of concussions continues to evolve. We know much more now than we did even five years go. We now understand that every concussion is different, and that different people will experience concussions in different ways. If you’ve experienced a concussion, here’s what to expect on the road ahead. Bouncing …

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