Raynelle Shelley

Raynelle Shelley, R.D., is a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Board Certified Advanced Diabetes Manager with a Master's Degree in Nutrition. She has been on staff at Baylor Scott & White - Round Rock since 2011 working with adults on their nutrition and exercise plans while helping them understand the relationship between lifestyle and diabetes management. Raynelle is also a certified insulin pump trainer and certified to place continuous glucose monitors. Although she sees a variety of nutrition-related conditions in her practice, diabetes is her area of expertise with a personal mission to help those with diabetes live a high-quality life. Her motto is "all foods fit."

Could olive oil cut the risk of breast cancer?

There is no doubt that olives and olive oil are part of a healthy diet and this is a large controlled research project which gives it credibility. The oil itself is special because compared to the other monounsaturated fats it has around 72 percent oleic acid which is peri-oxidation resistant and has many other antioxidant …

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