Baylor Dallas isolation room and preparations for Ebola [video]

In this video, Dallas Morning News writer Dr. Seema Yasmin gets a tour of one of the Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas isolation rooms. It’s one of the rooms that would likely be utilized should a patient with Ebola-like symptoms ever be treated there.

John Garrett, M.D., medical director of emergency management for Baylor Scott & White Health, provided the tour and answered some key questions about the hospital’s preparations for a potential Ebola patient.

Dr. Yasmin reported in Friday’s News that such bare-bones, nondescript isolation rooms “could make all the difference in the fight against the Ebola virus.”

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is currently treating the first person diagnosed with Ebola while in America.

The story quotes both Dr. Garrett and Cristie Columbus, M.D., the assistant medical director for epidemiology and infection control and prevention for Baylor Scott & White Health — North Texas division.

According to Dr. Columbus, such isolation rooms are regularly used to treat patients with tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.


At most U.S. hospitals, she said, “the equipment and structure of those isolation rooms is already set up to deal with a communicable disease like Ebola.”

Dr. Garrett said he has been preparing his staff in case an Ebola patient arrives at Baylor Dallas.

“Everyone is on high alert,” he told The News. “We know that a possible contact of the case could walk through our doors.”

At Baylor Dallas, patients have been screened for Ebola since Aug. 4. In light of the Presbyterian Hospital case, “We’re casting an ever wider net,” Dr. Garrett said. “Now we ask, ‘Have you been to any country in Africa?’”

Read more comprehensive local coverage of Ebola in The Dallas Morning News.

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Baylor Dallas isolation room and preparations for Ebola [video]