Breast Imaging: From All Angles

When it comes to breast imaging some of the tools and screenings can be confusing.

Below is a brief description of the screenings and tools used in the breast imaging process.


The mainstay of breast imaging, digital mammography is available at every Baylor breast imaging location.

Mammographic tomosynthesis

Approved by the FDA in February 2011, this up-and-coming technique is similar to a CT scan in that radiologists can view breast images in thin, 3-D “slices.”



Helpful for dense breast tissue, an ultrasound can differentiate between a solid or fluid-filled cyst.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Breast MRI is used for women with a known tumor. Sometimes MRI is used to screen women who have a strong family history and very dense breast tissue.

Positron emission mammography (PEM)

A powerful tool, PEM measures biologic activity of breast tissue. “This is the vanguard of medical imaging,” J. Mark Fulmer, M.D., medical director of Breast Imaging Centers at Baylor Dallas says, explaining that PEM can detect the higher than normal metabolic activity of cancer tissue.


An ultrasound- or MRI-guided biopsy may be used to confirm or rule out breast cancer.

Be proactive with these preventative options for breast cancer screenings. Click here schedule a breast imaging appointment.

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Breast Imaging: From All Angles