Scott & White wellness specialist offers tips on choosing a personal trainer

For those who didn’t quite get a beach body during beach season, hiring a personal trainer may be the right method to get back into your skinny jeans before the holidays.

Scott & White Wellness Specialist Alexander Hainzinger offers some tips and warnings about choosing a trainer and how to get the results you’re looking for.

“A lot of times people will find their trainer through word of mouth at the gym,” Mr. Hainzinger said. “Sometimes the gym will even have their personal trainers listed on their Web site.”

Finding a trainer with knowledge and experience is key to getting the results you want.

“Choose someone who has gone to school for exercise in sports science or kinesiology, or who is certified through a nationally recognized program,” he said.

Some gyms host classes so anyone can become a certified personal trainer. Make sure you know who the trainer is certified with.


Not only should your trainer be certified, but they should also be tracking your progress as they work with you.

“They should keep looking at where you are and reevaluate your progress every so often,” Mr. Hainzinger said.

Once you’ve chosen a trainer to work with, it is important to attend every scheduled session and always be on time.

“Being a good client means being there,” he said. “If your personal trainer is going to make the effort to help you, then you should be there.”

While it is important to be a good client, the wellness specialist, said the trainer is ultimately there for you.

“A lot of people think that once they have chosen a personal trainer, that they’re stuck with them,” Mr. Hainzinger said. “That’s not true. Keep looking for one that you like because not every personal trainer is the same.”

Mr. Hainzinger also wants to remind those seeking a trainer to be seen by their primary care physician before beginning an exercise regimen.

Here are some questions to ask a prospective trainer and yourself when choosing and working with an exercise professional:

  1. Is the trainer certified?
  2. What experience does the trainer have?
  3. What are the trainer’s areas of expertise?
  4. Does the trainer have good interpersonal skills?
  5. Does the trainer focus on me during the sessions, or are their eyes wandering around the room?
  6. Is the trainer motivating me and encouraging me in my weight loss goals?
  7. Is the trainer tracking my progress regularly and explaining my results?

Questions courtesy of Alexander Hainzinger

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Scott & White wellness specialist offers tips on choosing a personal trainer