Coffee jitters? Grab a banana

We’re a tired people. Many of us get ready for work with a quick breakfast and a drive-through coffee at the beginning of our day. Now, it’s late in the afternoon and you just can’t seem to focus or keep those heavy eyelids open. What do you do? You grab that faithful pot of “brown bean brew” and pour yourself another mug’s worth of caffeine.

After a cup or two, it’s natural to get the jittery, nervous feeling that comes from caffeine. So how do you get rid of those caffeine jitters? Studies suggest that a common fruit can help: Bananas.

I’ve seen plenty of bananas hanging in the baskets in multiple coffee shops and have always wondered what the appeal for a banana is.

I’ve seen a fair share of coffee cakes, muffins and other pastries purchased at the coffee counter, but never a banana. Regardless, baristas at coffee shops know better than most, bananas are more than just a healthy snack, they can help counter some unwanted side effects of caffeine.

According to the Sleep Disorders Guide, the drying effect of caffeine can throw off your balance of electrolytes, including calcium and potassium. The yellow-skinned fruit is rich in both calcium and potassium and is packed full of carbohydrates making it a perfect snack to complement a big mug of coffee.

So help keep your blood sugar levels regulated and protect your body from dehydration by grabbing a banana with that delicious blonde roast and ensure that your body will be able to balance both the caffeine and nutrients from a banana effectively.

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Coffee jitters? Grab a banana