Consult your doctor before starting new diet or fitness program

My button popped off my slacks at work today.  As I was digging around for a safety pin I was thinking about the bag of kettle chips that took me less than eight hours to eat.

As I’m getting older I’m gaining weight that won’t go away.  I’ve tried several diets and a starving technique but nothing is working.

Seeking yet another untried diet I found the most common phrase is to consult a doctor before engaging dieting changes or physical activity.  Why?

I asked Dr. John Joseph II, a Family Physician at Scott & White whose favorite subjects of primary care include fitness, nutrition and preventive medicine.

Dr. Joseph recommends that you talk to your doctor first so you can modify the program plan based on known health issues together.

“Everyone can and should exercise.” Dr. Joseph said. “If a patient has a health issue such as heart disease, I may ask for a stress test before starting a new program.”

“We want to insure that the diet plan is safe and that potentially dangerous medications are not being used with weight loss.” Dr. Joseph said. “Also, patients with certain medical illnesses such as kidney disease may need to avoid certain diet plans such as diets that recommend high protein intake and patients with high blood pressure or heart failure should avoid diets high in salt.”

After talking with Dr. Joseph, I realized that I was making a lifestyle modification – making permanent changes vs. the temporary changes that don’t work or have lasting effects.

Is your doctor a partner in your diet and fitness programs?

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Consult your doctor before starting new diet or fitness program