Cyclists of all ages help to improve their health and community

Cyclists from age 14 to 78 are all joining in to exercise, have fun and help their local area as a part of the Scott & White Community Cycling Club.

“We wanted to create a group that would promote fitness,” said Robert Reeve, M.D., Director of the division of Sports Medicine, and the club’s president.

Seeing the rise in obesity and its link to exercise, Dr. Reeve and a few of his colleagues decided to form the cycling club that became a chartered organization in March of 2008.

“We started out with 35 members and we have grown to almost 200 members.”

The club began with group cycling gatherings with leisurely riders and has expanded to include a racing division.

“We just came back from the Tour de Gruene event which was a race against the clock,” said Lisa Reeve, MHSM, Director of Health and Wellness and the club’s Web manager. “For the second year in a row, we were the biggest club there. Scott & White gets a lot of exposure across the state because of the races we attend.”


Along with publicizing the good name of Scott & White, the club also helps local charities.

“We were asked to sponsor a bike tour as a part of the events in October hosted by the Robert S. Love Foundation,” Ms. Reeve said. “We had 125 riders from our club join in the tour to help publicize the organization that raises money for Scott & White’s Cancer Institute.”

Twelve riders from the club also participated in a 650 mile trip around the state as part of the 2009 Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour to raise awareness for the need for blood, marrow, organ and tissue donors.

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Cyclists of all ages help to improve their health and community