Do Blood Type Based Diets Work?

It’s been called wacky, some think it’s junk science, but there is no lack of conversation about the blood type diet. The idea of “blood type diets” has been making rounds for 15 years that you can lose weight by eating the types of foods that are good for your digestive system based on your blood type.

For example, there are certain items you should eat more or less of dependent on your blood. Here’s a couple common suggestions:

  • Blood type O, the diet recommends you eat meats, poultry and fish.
  • Blood Type A, a vegetarian diet.
  • Blood Type B, low fat dairy and produce.
  • Blood Type AB, seafood, tofu and produce but no meats.

I talked about the odd and interesting new diet trend with Roger Khetan, MD at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas about it recently “There is not a lot of science behind blood types determining the diet,” he said. Dr. Khetan says there is no substitute for eating healthy, controlling your portions and exercise.

See more of what Dr. Khetan has to say about the blood type diet in this WFAA-TV featured story below.

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Do Blood Type Based Diets Work?