Editorial: Baylor changing health care model, lowering costs

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It’s no secret that health care in America is undergoing rapid change. But that doesn’t mean your costs must continue to rise.

Through the Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance (BSWQA), our organization is transforming care by linking your doctors and specialists, reaching out to the patients who are suffering the most and cutting back on waste.

The early success of the BSWQA is not going unnoticed. This week, an editorial in The Dallas Morning News noted that Baylor Scott & White Health “looked at the bottom line of its employee health care costs for the last fiscal year and noticed it had pocketed $14 million in savings, or 7 percent of total health care costs.”

“Why does it matter that one company managed to cut the price of medicine?” the editorial said. “Because it could show us a path toward getting control of a cost that is weighing down all of us.”

The head of the BSWQA, Dr. Carl Couch, outlined in a recent blog post how the accountable care organization (ACO) works.

The BSWQA is currently open to Baylor employees. But according to The News editorial, “The hospital’s experiment inside its own halls has been successful enough that it is working to extend the program to other North Texans through their insurers or employers.”

There is much work to be done. And it won’t be easy. But as The News recognized, “learning how to get some control on costs is an important first step.”

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Scott is a former Dallas newspaper reporter. His father and two brothers are doctors, so healthcare is his family business.

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Editorial: Baylor changing health care model, lowering costs