Enjoy Spring, despite allergies

Spring can be a busy time of year at the allergist’s office as many patients begin experiencing the first symptoms of seasonal allergies, also known as “hay fever.” Symptoms include sneezing, a stuffy or runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes.

To help make the most of your spring and enjoy this time of year, follow these simple tips:

Be proactive

Consider taking allergy medications before symptoms start. If you know April is a bad time of year for you, consider starting your allergy medications a few weeks ahead of time.

Clothes, pets and allergies

Make sure to change clothes and remove shoes when you come in from the outdoors. Pollen and other allergens can remain on your clothing and you do not want to introduce them into your home.

Also, make sure to regularly get rid of anything that could be harboring dust mites, bugs or mold, such as old newspapers, magazines, or soda cans.

Do not let your pets inside the bedroom. Many of our pets go outside and when they come indoors, they bring the pollen inside with them. Dust mites and pet dander stick in carpet and rugs so be sure to vacuum weekly to rid your home of these.

Consider medication options

Talk to your doctor to optimize your current medications. Maybe you need to add another medication or change to a new one. There are many allergy medications out there and your physician can find one that works best for you.

See a medical specialist

Consider seeing an allergist/immunologist to figure out exactly what you are allergic to and discuss long term treatment of your symptoms.

Why are allergies coming on so quickly and with such full force this year?

A lot of it may have to do with the fact that in the Dallas area, we experienced a historically cold winter in our area, which has led to a flood of pollen as the weather has warmed up. In Texas we are also experiencing very high cedar levels that are causing lots of people problems.

If you’re in need of an allergist to help you overcome your allergy symptoms, visit our website.

This blog post was contributed by Dr. Nastaran Safdarian, a allergist-immunologist on the medical staff at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano.

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Enjoy Spring, despite allergies