Hit Country artist Eric Paslay comes back to hometown to sing for children

It’s not just another Monday at McLane Children’s Scott & White. Today, children were visited by Grammy-nominated country music artist Eric Paslay.

This Texas country superstar grew up in Temple from age 7 to 20, and has a special connection to the community. Paslay tries to come back at least once or twice a year to visit family and says, “I feel like I’m related to half of Temple.”

Paslay paved his way in the industry as a hit-songwriter before releasing his own collection of songs, including No. 1 single, “Friday Night.” During his time in Temple, he was inspired by fellow Temple-native country singer Brian Gowan who encouraged Paslay to move to Nashville to pursue music.

“I try not to get caught up in the ‘me, myself and I’ world too much,” says Paslay. “When God gives a gift to you, you’ve got to share it.”

Paslay is committed to giving back to the children, especially after experiencing some of his own challenges as a child. Paslay was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10. Up until his late teens, he wanted to be a pediatric endocrinologist. He says this was because of his great doctors at Scott & White who helped him learn about his condition.

At McLane Children’s Paslay is playing a few songs for a room full of kids, and then visiting some rooms for those who are too ill to attend. He hopes his visit will lift their spirits.

“I hope they have a good day and get better,” says Paslay.

The 6-foot-4-inch redhead country star is certainly recognizable, and children will benefit from his uplifting and heartfelt songs. Paslay hopes every child will get the care they need, regardless of financial hardship or circumstances.

“I think in life we forget how to really make each moment matter,” says Paslay. “I really try to do that when I meet someone and let them know that they’re special.”

Each child will certainly feel of Paslay’s down-to-earth character and genuine good spirit. He knows how to connect with people through music and bring everyone together.

“That’s what music does if you use it right. In three minutes it can turn your day around or even your life,” says Paslay. “That’s why I love music.”

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Hit Country artist Eric Paslay comes back to hometown to sing for children