Fight against cancer

The Honorable Visionary of Society Award from the American Cancer Society

From left to right: Tara Stafford, Andrejs Avots, MD, Andrea Taurins
From left to right: Tara Stafford, Andrejs Avots, MD, Andrea Taurins

Cancer is a formidable opponent for anyone facing it. Prevention and treatment through education is key requiring persistent courage and teamwork. If you’re wondering where we stand, we are making progress to find ways to improve prevention methods and treat cancers.  The progress of Scott & White Healthcare in the area of cancer prevention and treatments is profound, so much so that the American Cancer Society recently awarded Scott & White Healthcare with the Honorable Visionary of Society Award.

“We are all about population health and trying to keep our communities healthy and when Scott & White can partner with organizations like the American Cancer Society (ACS), we can accomplish those goals,” said Andrejs E. Avots-Avotins, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs for Baylor Scott & White – Central Division and current member of the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society’s High Plains Division.

“The partnership and support of Scott & White is invaluable in helping ACS create more awareness about cancer prevention and early detection and assisting the cancer patients and their families throughout Central Texas,” said Andrea Taurins, Senior Director of Community Engagement, High Plains Division, American Cancer Society.

How did we earn this esteemed honor? From 2010 to 2013 throughout the regions we serve, 800 community members enrolled in the Cancer Prevention Study-3 at a Scott & White facility. The purpose of the study is to improve our understanding of how to prevent cancer. Across the country more than 300,000 men and women participated in the study.

What did we learn?  Researchers now have the ability to examine how lifestyle impacts cancer risk but also how genetic factors, hormonal factors and other markers in the blood relate to the development or prevention of cancer.

What’s next? The quest continues. We keep fighting. Events like the Relay for Life and the Great American Smokeout are battlegrounds for improving awareness, education, early detection and prevention.  Efforts like our Wellness through Education program increases the odds of victory. And, through our partnerships like the one we have with the American Cancer Society that work in hand in hand with all of our facilities to provide services and resources that truly matter to our patients.

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Fight against cancer