What’s Next For The Injured Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing?


Driving to work this morning, I heard a rooster crow. Yes, in Dallas, I heard this sound loud and clear.  Maybe you don’t know this, but roosters have been “outlawed” in Dallas in 1999 as a means to curb cockfighting.

Since this cheerfully loud sound made me smile, I hope this outlawed rooster is not a ringleader of a local cockfighting ring. I also smiled because it was a beautiful spring day.  I saw parents and children on bicycles as the parents carefully guided their children to the local elementary school.  There were runners, some golfers and dog walkers too.

Several years ago, I would have been among the morning runners as I prepared to run Dallas’ White Rock Marathon. My legs were strong and I loved running in the morning before the sun rose. Once you get into the rhythm of your run, time vanishes.  Or at least, it did for me on my good run days. Four months later, my training paid off  when I crossed the marathon finish line that December. It was my glory day.

The runners of the Boston Marathon each were expecting to have a glory day. Although my marathon time would never qualify me for Boston, I can still share those feelings of exhaustion and elation of seeing the finish line. People cheering. This is what the Boston runners expected, too.

As we all know now, some of those loved ones and runners will never be the same because of the two bombs set off at the Boston finish line. I struggle to read the newspaper reports of bloodied limbs – it seems so unwarranted to injure people who revel in their good health and strong bodies or the loved ones standing in the cheering crowd.

Dr. Jane Sadler wrote a great post in her Dallas Morning News blog post about these injuries. I’m glad modern day medicine can provide prosthetic limbs, treatments and medicines.  But I’m equally sad that such a great event may have been forever changed. 

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What’s Next For The Injured Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing?