Health news headlines for Friday, July 11, 2014


Here’s a sampling of health news articles in Texas and beyond:

  • A Mississippi baby thought to have been cured of HIV last year is now showing signs that she is in fact infected with the virus that causes AIDS, federal health officials say. It was a particularly deflating announcement, The New York Times reports, as the March 2013 report of the apparent cure “raised the possibility that aggressive early treatment might be able to reverse infections in newborns — and perhaps even in newly infected adults. About 2.3 million people around the world were newly infected with H.I.V. in 2012, the last year for which figures were available; 260,000 were infants infected at birth or immediately afterward.” (For more background on H.I.V. vaccine research, check out this 2013 Q&A with Dr. Gerard Zurawski, researcher and co-director of the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research.)
  • “Baylor Scott & White Health is one of nine Texas health systems joining forces to harness the power of Big Data to improve quality and efficiency, lower health care costs and accelerate medical innovation in patient care,” the Dallas Business Journal writes of The Texas Care Alliance. Baylor Scott & White Health CEO and TCA chairman Joel Allison described it as “a member-driven coalition of hospitals, health systems and physicians to improve the health of the populations of the communities served by working together, studying, sharing and adopting evidence-based best practices that produce superior outcomes and values.”
  • Former national health journalist Steve Jacob has an incredibly healthy lifestyle. He couldn’t possibly be at risk of having a stroke, he thought. He was wrong. Jacob, now one of our colleagues here in Baylor Scott & White Health Public Relations, writes in D Magazine about his February stroke and the perils of “optimism bias.”
  • July in Texas seems like a great time for a 25K run. Even better would be a 50K. The eighth annual El Scorcho race at Trinity Park in Fort Worth starts this Saturday at midnight and runs through 6 a.m. You might think only a few crazy folks would be interested, but Leslie Barker of The Dallas Morning News reports that the race is sold out.

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Health news headlines for Friday, July 11, 2014