Helpful Ways to Reduce the Stress of New Year’s Resolutions

As we round the corner into 2010, the stress of making New Year’s resolutions can be an overwhelming tradition that can sometimes do more harm than good.

David R. Blackburn, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, offers some helpful ways to keep from being crushed under the weight of unrealistic personal goals.

“Some people make huge resolutions that they’re not able to make a dent in,” Dr. Blackburn said. “They get discouraged quickly and have a sense of failure.”

The key word, the psychologist said, is ‘realistic.’ If you’re setting a goal to lose 25 pounds, then make your goal to lose one or two pounds a week.

“Try to accomplish your goals in bite-sized chunks,” he said. “If you achieve little successes, then it will be easier to attain your goals.”

Dr. Blackburn said that some of his patients dread the New Year because they think it will just be a continuation of last year’s problems.

However, if people will change their habits and ask for help when they need it, then 2010 should be nothing to stress over.

“There are different resources in the community to benefit from,” he said. “It does require some initiative and effort, but if they change their ways, they will get different results.”

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Helpful Ways to Reduce the Stress of New Year’s Resolutions