Holiday Safety Tips for an Injury-Free Celebration

Every year an estimated 11,000 people are treated in hospital emergency departments because of some type of decoration-related injury, according to the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Below are some tips to help you make safe choices when it comes to creating your own winter wonderland.

  • Secure your ladder

Bad idea: Hanging your lights while family members are busy inside wrapping presents or napping off holiday meals.

Good idea: Having your favorite Uncle Benny hold the bottom of the ladder while you hang your lights or attach any other decorations.

  • Beware of alcohol

Bad idea: Driving home after consuming Aunt Betty’s famous spiked eggnog.

Good idea: Give over your keys and let someone else drive you home.

  • Falala-falling ornaments

Bad idea: Placing Grandma’s top-heavy, heirloom angel on top of the tree.

Good idea: Balance out the weight of your Christmas tree by placing heavier ornaments on bottom, stronger branches. Also make sure the tree is anchored and young children can’t pull it down.

  • Remember your helmet

Bad idea: Letting little Timmy ride his new skateboard, bike or scooter without a helmet.

Good idea: Purchase a regulation helmet to go along with that holiday transportation so the whole family isn’t eating Christmas dinner in the hospital cafeteria.

  • Watch your caloric intake

Bad idea: Over-indulging on Cousin Susie’s Figgy pudding and glazed ham.

Good idea: Balance out your holiday feast with vegetables, fruits and low-sodium items, especially if you have high blood pressure or heart problems.

We don’t want to see you celebrating the holidays in the hospital, but if you do happen to have a holiday mishap, remember Scott & White will still be there to treat your aches and pains.

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Holiday Safety Tips for an Injury-Free Celebration