Homeless man given new hope in ER

One rainy evening, a homeless man came into the emergency room at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. His feet were swollen, and he was in a lot of pain.

He had been cutting holes in his shoes to accommodate the swelling, but when Lucy, an emergency room technician, went to remove them, he asked her not to because he didn’t have any other shoes and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get them back on.

Lucy promised that she would find him new shoes, took them off and washed his feet. Then she took him to the shower. The man was in the shower for nearly an hour.

Afterwards, he was overjoyed, and told Lucy that he hadn’t showered in two years.

In the course of caring for the man, the  team turned to Silvia, a guest relations representative, to make good on Lucy’s promise. Silvia not only came up with work boots, but also clean socks, a shirt, a sweater, a jacket and a pair of jeans.

“He was so appreciative,” Silvia said.

Lucy agrees, adding that the man was grateful for more than the apparel. “He thanked me for not ignoring him.”


Let this incredible story remind you of the importance of giving back, not only during the holidays but each and every day. The smallest efforts make the greatest differences.


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Homeless man given new hope in ER