Hospitalists: With you each step of your stay

Being admitted to the hospital often brings uncertainty. Luckily, there is someone who will be with you each step of the way to ease your concerns and coordinate your care.

At Scott & White, there are special doctors dedicated to our patients in the hospital full-time. These doctors are known as hospitalists and play an important role during your stay at the hospital.

One Scott & White provider, Dr. Adnan Khan, works at the Memorial Hospital in Temple, TX as an inpatient medicine hospitalist.

Dr. Khan explains the benefit of a hospitalist: “I think one of the main advantages of a hospitalist is that you are in the hospital. You are focused on the patients that are here. You don’t have any duties or offices outside the hospital, and you’re able to see your patients frequently though any given day. If there is anything [that] comes up, you’re able to deal with it right away.”

The Benefit of Hospitalists

Although Scott & White has had hospitalists for years, the hospitalist model is fairly new to the medical world. It has been gaining popularity over the past decade and many professionals agree with its positive impact on hospital care.

  • In a study by the University of California, care by hospitalists resulted in shorter stays and lower costs to patients. This is a major benefit, as patients can get back into their normal routine earlier and hospitals can maximize their services.

Hospitalists Coordinate Your Care

Not only are hospitalists by your side, they also help to coordinate your care.


“Sometimes there can be three or four specialists looking at a patient, and it could sometimes get confusing if there wasn’t a hospitalist involved,” said Dr. Khan. “You become the focal point for everyone in a way, to coordinate and provide better care for the patient.”

Dr. Khan said he often will check on a patient multiple times a day. This type of interaction helps to strengthen the relationship between physician and patient and to keep the treatment progressing.

Hospitalists are Current with Best Practices

Another benefit of seeing a hospitalist is being able to get the most recent medical care available. Dr. Khan explained that inpatient medicine has certain unique requirements that Hospitalists are more in touch with. Having a hospitalist by your side insures you are receiving the very best treatment, technologies, and medicines, along with many other vital health decisions.

So, next time you see a doctor in the hospital, it will most likely be a hospitalist. They work alongside our patients to ease your concerns and provide valuable care.

Have You Been Treated by a Hospitalist? Tell us about it!

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Hospitalists: With you each step of your stay