Is a Good Night’s Rest Too Much to Ask For?

Snoring, restless legs, tossing, turning, hot, cold. Does this sound like a typical night’s sleep for you? If so, you are among millions of others who don’t get their required eight hours of sleep each night. As a society, we seem busier, life is more hectic and sleep doesn’t seem to be as much of a priority. But for your physical and mental well-being, a good night’s sleep is a necessity.

This summer Scott & White opened the new Sleep Institute on its Temple campus, with services to diagnose and treat any potential sleep disorder. Sleep services have been available at Scott & White for more than 20 years, but the move means a new building, larger staff, expanded services and new technology. And the move comes out of necessity, as more than 12 million* people are affected by sleep apnea, one of the most common sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and restless legs syndrome are among the most common issues related to sleep. While insomnia is one of the most widely known, sleep apnea is actually the most common. Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by interrupted breathing. A person with sleep apnea may have a pause in their breathing while they sleep that could last from a few seconds to a few minutes. A sleep study can determine if a person has sleep apnea and the severity of the condition.

Insomnia is another common sleep disorder. Nearly 35 percent of adults experience insomnia during a year, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of the cases treated at the Scott & White Sleep Institute. A patient with insomnia, which often can be a chronic condition, are evaluated by sleep specialists to determine if medication or behavioral therapies are needed.

The Scott & White Sleep Institute has a multi-disciplinary team of sleep specialists to help with all aspects of sleep conditions, from the physical to the psychological, including sleep experts, a neurologist, pulmonologists, a psychiatrist and a nurse practitioner. The new location offers 12 beds, with the capacity to add four more, which is a substantial increase over the seven beds in the previous location. Patients undergoing a sleep study receive a private room and bath, hotel-style accommodations and continuous monitoring during their study. In addition, Scott & White is the only facility in Central Texas, and one of a few in the nation, that offers a consultation with a sleep specialist the morning after a sleep study.

For more information on the Scott & White Sleep Institute, or to make an appointment, call (254) 724-4189.

*National Institutes of Health

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Is a Good Night’s Rest Too Much to Ask For?