Could you have inherited this colon cancer risk?

There are some things that are worth inheriting: a 1967 Camaro in pristine condition or an antique cedar chest full of $100 bills. Even an old family heirloom or wonderful vintage photos would be nice.

But what about a gene defect?

By definition, Lynch Syndrome is a form of hereditary cancer caused by an inherited gene defect. People diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome are at high risk of developing colorectal cancer before age 50.

Lynch Syndrome also can increase the risk of developing endometrial, stomach, ovarian and other types of cancers.

Lynch Syndrome International (LSI) estimates that one out of 35 colorectal cancer patients has Lynch Syndrome. Additionally, while the general population has a six percent chance of developing colorectal cancer, those with Lynch Syndrome have up to an 85 percent chance.

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If you have a family history of colorectal cancer, doctors recommend you consider genetic testing to determine if you have Lynch Syndrome or any other hereditary risk factors that predispose you to colorectal or other cancers.

Watch this video from NBC5 in Dallas about a family with Lynch Syndrome.

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Could you have inherited this colon cancer risk?