Mammograms for Mothers


As a mom, you typically take care of everyone else in the family first. But to continue to play the role of caretaker for years to come, you have to look after yourself too. Give yourself the gift of good health and take the time to schedule this important screening. Make time for yourself and your health.

There are no sure things in medicine, but mammograms, which can find breast cancer in its earliest stages, come pretty close.

“Mammograms, which are X-ray images of the breast, can detect something two years before we can see or feel it,” says LeAnne Haddock, MD, an Ob-Gyn on the medical staff at the Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.

“And because early detection is key to effectively treating cancer, mammograms are our best line of defense against breast cancer.”

Dr. Haddock recommends getting a mammogram every year, beginning at age 40. “Risk increases as you age, so you never graduate from breast cancer screenings,” she says.

“By the time you are 8- years old, you have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer.”

And keep in mind that you may need to start screening earlier based on family history. “Typically, we recommend women have the exam 10 years before the age that their relative was when they had their first diagnosis,” Dr. Haddock says.

Taking the time to reach out to your physician is the first step in being proactive about your health, don’t delay.

To make an appointment for a mammogram at Baylor’s Darlene G. Cass Women’s Imaging Center at Dallas, call 1.800.4BAYLOR.

Information in this post originally appeared in the May 2013 edition of Baylor Health Magazine.

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Mammograms for Mothers