Meet Deirdra

Five years ago, Deirdra woke up feeling extremely light-headed. Her heart was “going crazy,” so she called 911. EMS came to her house and discovered that her heart rate was 121 beats per minute. “I thought to myself, ‘That’s definitely not good,’” Deirdra said. She arrived at the Scott & White emergency room and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. And it was there that she met Dr. Tobleman.

While Dr. Tobleman was polite and demonstrated a good bedside manner, he was blunt about why Deirdra was having health issues: She was overweight and needed to start making healthier choices, otherwise her condition would get worse. The doctor asked her to come back later and show that she had taken his advice.

After initially struggling to get in shape, Deirdra finally spoke with a fitness expert, who asked, “What is your fitness goal?” At that moment, she thought back to what Dr. Tobleman had said at the hospital. She remembered his thoughts on her weight and how he wanted her to return and show that she had made a change to become healthier. His words really motivated and pushed her, so she replied, “I want to lose 100 pounds.”

She started a physical training program and began seeing another Scott & White physician, Dr. Mills, to help monitor her progress. Like Dr. Tobleman, Dr. Mills motivated and pushed her to keep up the good work. Once Deirdra lost 70 pounds, Dr. Mills began weaning her off blood-pressure medication.

Today, Deirdra finds it funny that some people think she had surgery to lose weight. She tells them it was all through dedication, making good choices and having the right support.


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Meet Deirdra