Nurses Week 2016

National Nurses Week: Recognizing nurses for outstanding compassion

During National Nurses week, we’re recognizing some of the outstanding Baylor Scott & White Health nurses who have greatly impacted their communities and the lives of those they selflessly care for. This year, 22 Baylor Scott & White Health nurses were named honorees on the DFW 100 Great Nurses list. Additionally, the Top 25 Nurses program in Central Texas honored Baylor Scott & White nurses who made a significant difference.

We asked some of these award recipients to explain what inspired them to go into nursing and what being a nurse means to them. Their responses were powerful.

“I decided to become a nurse because I wanted to help people. I wanted to make them feel better in their worst or most difficult time.” —Jonathan Garcia, RN

“My favorite assignment was always the ICU, because the nursing staff there taught me so much about what it was to be a nurse, and how to do it with both compassion and accuracy. I was in awe that a patient could come into the unit in critical condition and walk out healthy and happy — all because of what the nurses do. They inspired me to become a nurse. It’s definitely a work of heart.” —Tiffany White, RN

“I want our patients to be cared for as family. That has always been my goal.” —Poppy Patterson, RN

“My favorite line, ‘I can only give my best’ is what I live by as I serve patients. This is a calling, and I am called by God to serve people.” —Antonette Harlow, RN

“My patients inspire me every single day that I go to work, and I carry them with me during my days off.” —Carly Witulski, RN

“The many little things we do every day without much thought can make a big difference to those we care for and work with. That motivates me to be more mindful of what I can do to make the day a little lighter for our patients and our team.” —Carrie Matthews, RN

“I believe that I always knew I was going to be a nurse. I observed from an early age that an intimate and unique bond existed between nurses and their patients, and I think that really drew me in. I have so much gratitude for the profession and for the people we serve.” —Audrey Patterson, RN

“To be honored by receiving this award is very humbling. Hopefully, this award means that I have touched a few lives, be it my patients or my co-workers, in a positive and meaningful way.” —Faye Rushing, RN

“I have always wanted to work in oncology and wanted to be a light to those going through a difficult and sometimes dark time in their lives. Nursing gives me that opportunity.” —Fallon Cunningham, RN

“The reason I chose to go into nursing is very basic: I enjoy making people happy. I am happiest when those around me are happy too. Providing others with care to restore them back to health is more than a profession to me—it’s a personal joy.” —Zachary Jenkins, RN

“Every nurse impacts lives without seeking recognition, it just comes naturally.” —Cecilia Lijauco, RN

“Everyday I try to do what is best for my patients while they are at their most vulnerable. During surgery, I become their voice and advocate. I have tried to improve my department by creating relevant competencies, uplifting staff morale, and training incoming nurses. I believe that if your staff is happy then they will provide better care to our patients, which is ultimately our goal.” —Amy Brunson, RN

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National Nurses Week: Recognizing nurses for outstanding compassion