Parents Share Their New Bundles of Love

People can try to describe it, but you can never really explain the feeling of watching your first child being born.

I was able to share the joy with new parents who spent, of all days, Valentine’s Day welcoming their children in the world. When you work in a hospital setting, it is one of the most joyous places you can visit. The halls are full of the distinct cries of newborns and tears are often those of joy. “It’s the best, it’s the best Valentine’s Day ever,” said new mom Melissa Mckee.

That instant bond is arguably the most powerful one in a person’s life. Discovering new love on a day meant for lovers. WFAA-TV showcased the moments in reporter David Schechter’s new segment called “2 Chairs“. Check out the stories of these Valentine’s Day parents.

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Parents Share Their New Bundles of Love