Peace of mind on this joyous journey

Raising children is a joyous journey unlike any other. Watching my six-month-old learn about the world around him is amazing to me. You can see his eyes light up with fascination as he intently studies his fingers as if seeing them for the first time. You can see the joy on his face when he discovers his favorite toy makes noise. You can feel his frustration when he unknowingly hooks his finger around his pacifier and yanks it out of his mouth.

It’s all part of the journey of growing and learning and developing each day. I am grateful there is the expertise of more than 80 pediatricians, pediatric specialists and other providers throughout the Scott & White system who will ensure my children stay healthy on their journey to adulthood. With more than 27 pediatric specialties – from allergy to gastroenterology, cardiology to orthopedics – it is comforting to know that I have access to so many experts right here in Central Texas.

Just before my son came along, I felt comforted knowing there was specialized care for newborns at my fingertips if needed. Three of these services include:

Specialized Transport Services

Scott & White has teamed up with PHI Air Medical Helicopter to offer a unique transport service for high-risk maternal patients. With maternal-fetal nurses aboard the aircraft, patients receive specialized care while in transport to Scott & White. Scott & White also provides air and ground transport of neonatal patients. For each transport, a special team – including a neonatal transport nurse or neonatal nurse practitioner, along with a respiratory therapist – is on board to care for the baby.

Top-Rated NICU Services

Scott & White provides specialized care for sick newborns—both full-term and premature – in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Out of 350 NICUs worldwide, Children’s Hospital at Scott & White ranks in the top three percent in terms of the survival rate of these fragile newborns. We’re also a Level III (the highest level) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our team is comprised of specially trained staff that begin to care for the infants sometimes before they are even born.

Cooling Treatments

Scott & White’s multi-disciplinary NICU team is the first in Central Texas to utilize a hypothermia program, or “cooling” treatment (video), for newborns including both the cap and blanket devices. Babies who may suffer from such conditions as asphyxia in the womb, which leave them without oxygen, could benefit from this treatment during the critical six-hour window after birth.

I am thankful that I never had to use these services at Scott & White when my little one was born, but it certainly eased my mind knowing that they were available… just in case.

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Peace of mind on this joyous journey