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On these beautiful spring days, it’s easy to start thinking about buying that new bathing suit or a short flippy skirt and lacy tank—asking yourself “How am I going to look in these?” Winter clothes hide our body’s imperfections so much better.

If the body in the mirror isn’t exactly what you want, maybe it’s time to “rev up” your body’s metabolism.

While some people may try boosting their metabolism by drinking green tea or eating spicy peppers, family medicine doctor Clark Meador, D.O., cuts right to the chase: “These may increase a person’s metabolism but they have not shown to produce weight loss.”

But isn’t weight loss the main reason most of us want to rev up our metabolism? 

Patients often ask Dr. Meador about metabolism and how to boost it:  “The best thing patients can do is adopt a healthier lifestyle,” said Dr. Meador.

“There are lots of influences that make up a person’s metabolism i.e. diet, exercise, and genetics.”

Exercise is probably the most important, both aerobic exercise and weight lifting exercise. Aerobic exercises are great at burning calories, but it’s important not to forego weight training.

According to Dr. Meador, weight training builds muscles which will boost your metabolism in the long run. Muscles burn calories at a high rate, a much higher rate than fat, and they do this even at rest.

Diet is a big player in metabolism. It’s not just about how much we eat or how many calories we eat but how frequently we eat.

In our busy lives and culture, a lot of people eat three meals a day with one and often times two of those meals being very large high calorie meals. “This is not good for the metabolism,” Dr Meador says.

A much better approach is to eat less but more frequently. Adding a high protein snack of around 200 calories in between meals is a great way to accomplish this. Most people will find this will make them eat less at their normal meal as well.

Now, back to green tea and spicy peppers. This is Texas, so most people like eating spicy peppers.  Although sweet tea still is popular, I see more people ordering and drinking green tea – hot or cold.

Again, Dr. Meador got right to the point:  Drinking green tea and eating spicy peppers will increase metabolism, but they haven’t shown to produce weight loss. Your best bet is to keep moving, build muscle, healthy snacking and adopting overall more healthy lifestyle. “

Got it.

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Rev Up Your Metabolism