Saving lives is my New Year’s Resolution

I just saved a life. It was easy. A piece of cake actually. Did it with my feet propped up. Browsed through emails on my phone. Could’ve done it with my eyes closed. Only took 30 minutes. I would say it was well worth it. I gave blood today.

I’ve given blood many times before, but not as often as I could. This year, I’m putting it on my calendar and making it my New Year’s resolution. Each January, in celebration of National Blood Donor Month, Scott & White honors its regular donors. It is an amazing group of Hometown Heroes who selflessly make it their personal mission to donate blood regularly. Without blood donors like them, there would be a lot of lives lost every day right here in Central Texas – a grandpa to a traumatic farming accident, a young son to cancer, a mother giving birth, a little brother hit by a car. All amazing stories you can read about at the Scott & White Blood Center’s website.

It is comforting to know that all the blood that is donated to the Scott & White Blood Center stays right here in Central Texas to help our family, friends and neighbors. Some of the other local blood donation centers can’t make that statement.

Since Scott & White is a Level I trauma center, blood is a vital resource here. We need at least 70 pints of blood to be donated daily in order to satisfy ordinary usage. But there are days when much more is needed. A traumatic accident can require up to 60 pints of blood to save one life! It is critically important that people – like you and me – donate blood. Not just once, though, but regularly. That is why I am making it my New Year’s resolution to donate blood as often as I can – every 56 days or up to seven times a year.

You could make it your New Year’s Resolution, too! It’s easy to get started.

  1. Visit our website at bloodcenter.sw.org for donor eligibility.
  2. Call 254-724-HERO to make an appointment, come as a walk-in to the Scott & White Blood Center or visit our Bloodmobile, which travels throughout the region.

What could be a more perfect resolution this year than to save a life? All in the comfort of the big, relaxing lounge chairs at the Scott & White Blood Center. Feet propped up. Take a little nap. Watch a little TV. (Not to mention the yummy snacks you get to eat after you donate.) Sounds like a win-win to me!

2 thoughts on “Saving lives is my New Year’s Resolution”

  1. concernedblooddonor

    I've been a blood donor 2 years already and it really makes me feel proud because I save lives. As we all know, blood banks shortages kills tons of people and every 2 seconds someone in the United states needs blood.

    This is will be time to make a difference and help each other. You can visit http://bloodbanker.com/plasma they have all the information on how to be a blood donor and a directory of all the Blood Bank in the United States.

  2. charlottevanellis

    Saving lives is an awesome resolution; I want to encourage those that will make a lifetime commitment to give blood, one pint at a time. I've been a blood donor sent 1990, and have given 31 pints of blood with Red Cross, and now giving blood with Scott and White. It's so rewarding to know that I can make an impact on so many lives.

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Saving lives is my New Year’s Resolution