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writing1Everyone has ideas, and when ideas are shared, we create better solutions. Let’s face it…on our path to staying healthy, we’ve all encountered roadblocks. When we face them, we often think, “this would be much easier if _____.” Now, more than ever, you have a chance to fill in that blank.

Scott & White is driven by the goal of providing the highest quality and safest care possible to patients. This goal is at the core of every decision and achieving this goal requires constant evaluation of processes. Instead of assuming our ideas are the best, we want to be certain we have your input. We want to know what you think high quality, safe care looks like.

Now, you can let your voice be heard on the new Scott & White website, IdeaExchange.sw.org. It’s a site where anyone can give feedback and recommendations on ways to achieve the best health possible. It is a place to add your voice to the voices of others and to turn ideas into actions.

“It’s a site where anyone can give feedback and recommendations on ways to achieve the best health possible.”

What Is Idea Exchange?

“Idea Exchange is one way we are working to get patients, families, and others in the community involved in improving the care we provide. We want to be certain we are making the right changes…the ones that they feel bring value,” says Tiffany Berry, MD, System Medical Director of Quality and Safety at Scott & White. “Partnering with our patients and communities, hearing their needs, listening to their advice before we make changes….that’s just good sense.”

When you visit Idea Exchange you will see a variety of topics that leaders are working to improve and need your input. To contribute, you can login with your social media or your email address and start sharing your ideas right away. As you share your ideas, you will receive points and rewards as a token of our appreciation for your time and concern. You can redeem these for prizes at no cost to you.

Dr. Berry explains the goal of this new platform:

“Patient satisfaction surveys, and several other avenues are already available for complaints and concerns. This is something different. This is a place where we can all put our heads together and find ways to help ourselves and our neighbors live healthier lives. A place where we can partner to create a system that meets your needs. Central Texans are creative and opinionated! They know how to build something great…we just need to find ways to listen. We’re going to turn their ideas into positive change within Scott & White and our communities.”

How will Idea Exchange Bring about Change?

The cynic inside you may be thinking that your ideas will go unnoticed, or things will never really change in a healthcare system.

However, the topics on Idea Exchange are areas already identified for improvement. The input will be studied closely by the teams working on them. Consider it a direct line of communication with groups working on the issues that matter to you. Your input, combined with that from others, will give teams the answers, ideas and inspiration they need to move in a positive direction.

Topics on Idea Exchange may include:

  • Ways to improve your access to clinic visits
  • How best we can help you lose weight
  • Decreasing the risk of infection after surgery
  • Design and layout of new buildings
  • Scott & White Health Plan services
  • Your perspective on our charitable giving and activities
  • …and more!

As you contribute to these topics, the owners and teams will use ideas to help plan solutions or shape new directions. See more about “Who’s Listening” on Idea Exchange.

Why Share Ideas about Health Care?

Some hospitals and clinics use advisory groups or meetings with patients to guide their organization. Scott & White chose Idea Exchange as an online format to allow for a larger group of people with more diverse perspectives. Idea Exchange is open to everyone in the communities we serve, including those who aren’t Scott & White patients.

“We want to hear from everyone, even if you’re not using Scott & White for your care. Input from all members of our community will strengthen our ability to meet and exceed your expectations. Sometimes those who aren’t seen as patients are the ones who need healthcare the most. We need to understand how best to reach those people.” says Berry. “The next decade of healthcare will be filled with changes.  At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. By working as one, I know we can accomplish so much more than we could alone. Idea Exchange can help get us there.”

For more information visit our “How it Works” page on Idea Exchange. We hope users will spread the word to their friends, families, and colleagues and join in the conversation.

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  1. Scott & White Staff

    Thank you for providing this insightful suggestion. As you can imagine, in a large and growing organization we are always seeking opportunities to better serve the people who look to us for care. Decisions about where to place clinics are complex and many factors are considered. Your suggestion will be shared with our Business Development department for their evaluation.

  2. I would really like to have a family medicine clinic in Troy, Texas. We have adults are in their senior years who have to find people to drive them because they do not feel comfortable driving themselves to Temple. I don’t like that taking my children to the Dr. takes them out of school so long. I feel that not only Troy but the community can sustain it’s own clinic. Have they considered us, Jill?

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Add your voice to Scott & White Idea Exchange