Serving Scott & White patients for more than 40 years—A nurse’s story

nurse.jpgThe daily grind of any career can wear on you. Going into work day after day can get tiresome and mundane. For nurses, it can require even more. Responding to shifts in the middle of the night or helping with crisis situations are all part of the job.

For one nurse, her daily strength comes from her passion to help people. As the charge nurse for labor and delivery, Connie Warner has served Scott & White for more than 40 years.

“There’s no way you can do something like this and not enjoy it,” says Warner. “I’ve been able to work in something that I really love, so I’m truly blessed.”

A Passion for Patients

Warner has always had a passion for the hospital environment. She started out as a unit health coordinator and assisted in a few areas of the hospital, but labor and delivery has always been her home base. She loves caring for expecting mothers and offers a wealth of insight and experience.

“Scott & White has worked well for me and my family,” says Warner. “I enjoy my job, my director, the other nurses—we’re all a team.  That’s what I like about it, we’re a team. And I think that’s’ what makes me stay where I am.”

Flexibility though Changes

Warner has seen a number of changes while working as a nurse, both in the field of nursing and at Scott & White specifically. She remembers doing all patient records in paper charts, and reflects on those early days with a little humor.


“As far as growth, technology has changed the way we look at medicine and things are so much better for patient care,” says Warner.

Warner has adapted to new systems, new equipment and new procedures –taking it all in stride. She sees this as a challenge to step up and learn better ways to help her patients.  Thanks to the advancements in nursing, she can respond to patients faster and improve her overall bedside manner and treatment.

“You have to be a flexible individual,” says Warner. “I’ve had to be able to accept new changes, new times and new challenges. That’s what we’re all about and that’s what the world is all about.”

A Career Committed to Caring

For nurses across the country, technology may change but one thing remains the same—caring for individuals. Warner has two daughters who are following in her footsteps as a nurse. It makes her feel proud and happy that there are many people in this world who still want a career caring for others.

“You’re not doing it for money and you’re not doing it for the fame of being a nurse,” she says. “You’re doing it because you enjoy helping others. You just enjoy the field and adventure of exploring new things.”

Many schools across the country have a waiting list for nursing schools and Warner is glad it’s a career that people are still very interested in.

“In a world of so much business, we wonder if people do care,” says Warner. “I do see that still there are people out there that want to care for others. That’s a beautiful thing.”

Warner is grateful for those who cared about her and her nursing education. Scott & White provided Warner scholarship years ago to help her get back to school and receive her degree. She had a young child and many demands on her time, and without the financial help she says she probably wouldn’t be able to do what she loves most.

“When you see a good outcome, when you see a smile, when you see life, when you see someone go home and they’re healthy and fine, and you know you’ve made a little bit of a difference—that’s it,” she says. “That’s what makes it all worth it.”

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  1. Chris Warbrick

    Connie is the epitome of what nursing stands for. She is selfless, nurturing, giving, and loving. She makes everyday enjoyable working with her. Scott and White is truly lucky to have her, and I feel fortunate to call her my coworker, mentor and friend.

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Serving Scott & White patients for more than 40 years—A nurse’s story