Super Bowl Health Tips

The biggest sports weekend of the year is upon us. Super Bowl weekend is here!

Though it is a great weekend for sports fans, it can be a nightmare for dieting sports fans. Studies show the average American watching the Super Bowl consumes 1200 calories during the game. I have a feeling that is a big underestimate for many. The biggest contributor is potato chips. Chips have a natural tendency to be a “grazing” food during a sports game. “Bet you can’t eat just one” was a Lay’s slogan for a reason. Full of calories and fat while very limited in any nutritional value, chips do little other than grease one’s fingers.

Other diet busters popular during game day are pizza, chicken wings, dips, sodas and beer. These can be “okay” in moderation, but as most things on Super Bowl Sunday; moderation is usually not the norm.

Here are a few ways to shave calories off your Super Bowl Sunday that will add up as the game goes on.

  • Thin crust pizza over regular or deep dish will save 200-400 calories in a two slice serving.
  • Choose salsa or pico de gallo over heavy sour cream or cheese based dips.
  • Light beer will save 50-100 calories per 12 oz. compared to regular beer or ale.
  • Try hummus (a chickpea based condiment that is lighter than bean dip, much healthier, and has healthy fats and protein) with vegetables rather than ranch dip.

Also, consider a morning or early afternoon workout prior to the game.  You may feel less guilty if you happen to enjoy a few more snacks than normal.


And choose your team wisely. There is a 28% increased risk of heart attacks in men whose home team loses on Sundays.

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Super Bowl Health Tips