adult acne

Makeup Expiration Dates: When To Throw It Out

Is your mascara clumpy? Your liquid foundation thickening? Can’t remember what year you bought your half-used lipstick? Your old makeup may be causing you blemishes or even worse— dermatologists warn it could lead to a dangerous infection. That’s right, those old makeup containers may be full of more than just powder… they could be harboring …

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Agonizing over adult acne?

Acne isn’t just for teenagers – many adults have “adult acne”. According to Andrea Henderson, a Skin Care Clinician at the Scott & White Cosmetic Surgery Center, “Hormones, allergies, heredity, rosacea, can all cause acne. It can be dry, sensitive oily, red- everyone is different.  Pin pointing the source can be tricky.“ Managing acne breakouts …

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