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Talking about cancer on WFAA’s ‘Two Chairs’ series

As part of his continuing “Two Chairs” series, veteran WFAA-TV (Channel 8) reporter David Schechter has interviewed random strangers about domestic violence, drunk driving, love and murder. This week, he shot his latest installment at the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, as part of a series of reports surrounding the Hope Murals Project.

The interviews were deeply moving.

I asked Schechter to reflect on the story. Here’s what he said:

This is like a fishing expedition and you’re kind of waiting to see who’s going to come up to you and talk to you and you just really never know who it’s going to be and what their story is going to be.

But at the Cancer Center, it was definitely something different. You could sense that everybody had something going on underneath the surface, or most people did. And that’s what you really are looking for is these stories about humanity that help us connect, person to person.

I thought it was really interesting, the fella named Buddy, who was an older gentleman … the best moment with him was he just kind of lost himself in thought and we let him go for quite a long time and then pulled him back and said, ‘what are you thinking about?’ And that was a great indication of what’s going on with people, that there is something there. There’s something going on with all of us and it just takes someone to ask the question in order to share it.

I got back to work and a colleague at work then started telling me, after seeing the story, about their cancer story and the moment when they got their diagnosis. I was so surprised and shocked to hear it and honored that they trusted to tell me their story. So I would say that that moment, also the opportunity to be at the hospital, to be at the Cancer Center, made me feel great and made my colleagues feel great and I was just honored that people would share their story with us.

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Talking about cancer on WFAA’s ‘Two Chairs’ series