The 7-Year-Old Self-Image Diet


I have to admit I cringed when I saw this story, an article about a mother who found a hand written list of dieting tips in her 7-year-old daughter’s room among other toys and jewelry.

I know body image is a big deal for women, but 7 year olds?

Included on her “Diyet” plan,  were tips like eating “three appals, one per, and two keewee froots,” to lose weight (misspelling intended). The little girl also wrote that she could get in better shape by doing ” 17 poosh-ups two times a day.”

You can only imagine what caused her to come up with a list like this.

Was she teased, does she think she is overweight?


The discovery really hit me because I have a seven-year-old daughter too.

She still likes barbies and playing dress up, but underneath those childhood games, there are those ‘what the heck’ moments that make any parent think. I’ve heard my daughter explain divorce and how it affects her friends. “She only sees her daddy on Saturdays,” she once told me, “because her mommy and daddy fight too much.”

After a recent school lock-down, she told me “It’s OK daddy, the bad man with the gun didn’t shoot us.”

Divorce,  school shootings are pretty sobering ideas for a seven-year old. So is one telling themselves to  “jog run up and down the driv way,” to help you lose weight.

Every generation believes their children are forced to grow up quickly.

That’s why I keep telling mine to relax and enjoy just being a kid.

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The 7-Year-Old Self-Image Diet