There is Hope: Living Donor Liver Transplants


This summer, I met a group of people whose positivity and respect for each other were clear to all who came in contact. They were two married couples who were seeing each other for the first time since a remarkable surgery that will forever bond them (more than their years of friendship had previously).

The husband of one couple, John, gave part of his liver to the wife of the second couple, Dana, in a surgery that is now offered at the Baylor Transplant Institute, a living donor liver transplant.

It had been only three weeks since their surgery, and both donor and recipient were feeling great. It wouldn’t be long until the recipient would be headed home to Oklahoma.

For patients who need a liver transplant, the wait on the list can be months or years. However, this new option allows a patient to receive part of a healthy friend or family member’s liver.

A portion of the donor’s healthy liver is removed in a very precise manner and transplanted into the recipient. This can shorten the wait time and allow the patient the opportunity to get back to living their life.


What was so incredible to me was the speed at which the donor’s liver grows back. The liver is back to its normal size in two to three weeks, and back to normal function not long after.

Dana and John’s successful surgery was followed by more living donor liver transplants, and in the weeks to come, we’ll be sharing more of their stories. So, for those in need of a liver transplant, there is hope.

Information about who can be a candidate to receive a living donor liver transplant, who can be a donor, and more information about our program is available on BaylorTransplant.com

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Julie is the Director of Media Relations for Baylor Scott & White Health. A native of South Louisiana and an LSU graduate, she loves meeting Baylor patients and helping them to tell their stories.

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There is Hope: Living Donor Liver Transplants