3 things you can do for your body that you may not know about

Some Lesser-Known Cosmetic Enhancements—For Your Body

When it comes to improving your body, there are loud voices shouting at you from every angle. But have you been listening to the voice inside you? Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to change about your shape for years but haven’t known what options are available.

This article is from our two part series covering some lesser-known enhancements for your face and for your body.

cosmeticYou may not know that there are safe, easy ways to improve your look. Scott & White plastic surgeon Charles N. Verheyden, MD, PhD, FACS is the Director of the Division of Plastic Surgery and provides patients with a range of options for helping them feel content and confident.

“My role as a plastic surgeon is to listen to what the patient desires, examine them and determine whether their desires match what I can do,” Dr. Verheyden. “It is a great pleasure to have someone with a specific need and be able to help them meet their goals and satisfy that need.”

Three Enhancements for Your Body

“Cosmetic surgery of the body can significantly change a person’s shape. Even if a person is at an optimal weight, their shape may not be to their liking,” says Dr. Verheyden.

Some of the most common body procedures are:

  1. Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) to remove excess skin from the abdomen.
  2. Liposuction to remove unwanted fat to give a smoother look or better proportions.
  3. Breast lift (mastopexy) for women whose breasts have began to sag due to pregnancy, age or weight loss. A lift can give a more youthful shape.

You may have known about these procedures, but there are also options that you may not know about.

The three less common procedures are:

  1. Thigh lift
  2. Arm lift
  3. Buttock Augmentation

Scott & White plastic surgeons have performed all of these procedures and others for more than 40 years and have incorporated new developments along the way. They’re specially trained to deliver optimal care and give you the look you want.

Do Your Research

Before jumping into a cosmetic procedure, it’s good to do your research. Because many of these procedures are not covered by insurance, it requires an investment on your part.

Dr. Verheyden says some people are informed and have researched options for optimal appearance while others aren’t as interested and may not know what’s available.

There are many ways you can get information about cosmetic options: seeing a physician, looking online, asking questions on the phone with a clinic, talking to friends and family or requesting a consultation.

But when assessing the market, make sure you’re not cutting any corners.

“There are many people offering short cuts to an enhanced appearance, many of whom are not board certified plastic surgeons,” says Dr. Verheyden. “One serious misunderstanding is that if two doctors (one board certified and the other not) offer the same procedure at different prices, and they choose the lower price, the procedures will be equivalent.”

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3 things you can do for your body that you may not know about