Understanding Radiology: What is a Radiologist?


Medical imaging is an integral part of most every cancer journey. If your doctor suspects cancer, one of the next steps will likely be an appointment with a radiologist.

You’ve probably heard the term radiology or radiologist, but do you understand what role the radiologist plays in your care? Do you know what to expect if you need a CT scan, PET scan or MRI?

Over the next several weeks, we will introduce you to the world of medical imaging and help you understand its importance. Knowledge provides confidence, and we want you to be confident in the care you receive while understanding why these tests are important to your treatment.

J. Mark Fulmer, M.D., a diagnostic radiologist on the medical staff at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, was kind enough sit down with us and explain the many facets of medical imaging.

We start with Dr. Fulmer explaining what he, and other radiologist, do on a daily basis:

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Understanding Radiology: What is a Radiologist?