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Find Out How To Become A Scott & White Volunteer And What Areas Are In Need Of Your Help

As the holiday season approaches, it seems the world collectively opens its heart to those less fortunate and begins to think outside of itself. Many put those feelings of goodwill to use by volunteering.

While there are many ways to help those in need, Manager of Scott & White Volunteer Services, Linda Roberson, said there are many areas of the hospital in need of volunteers.

“We are in over 40 different areas,” Ms. Roberson said. “For every one [volunteer] position that Scott & White has, we have got to recruit 10 volunteers to fill that one position.”

Here is a list of areas that are currently in urgent need of help.

  • Radiology: Ultrasound, Diagnostic, and CAT scan
  • Mammography
  • Information Desks: Five out of the seven desks need volunteers.

“[Volunteers] would be sitting with patients who have come in for procedures, helping with the check-in process and getting them their gowns,” she said.


Other areas with volunteer positions include: the gift shop, newspaper delivery, the surgical waiting rooms, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and postpartum.

How does someone become a volunteer?

“We send them to the Scott & White website,” Ms. Roberson said. “They click on Volunteers. The ‘Become a Volunteer’ section will tell them what opportunities are available in their city of choice.”

Once the potential volunteer has submitted an online application and it is accepted, it is put into a database that will match his or her skills with the appropriate position.

If the application is accepted, a representative from Volunteer Services will give that person a call for an initial screening and ask them to come in for a face-to-face interview.

“I’ll go through all of the different areas and let them choose where they’d like to work,” Ms. Roberson said. “If we have an urgent need in a particular area, I’ll make that known and try to sway them to go that direction if they’re skill level matches.”

Those chosen are also required to undergo a background check and participate in yearly training.

The Volunteer Services manager said they are looking for volunteers who can commit for six months or a minimum of 40 hours a semester if they are student.

“This is to make it worth the time and money that Scott & White spends to recruit them and put them in a position,” she said.

Giving Back Has Its Rewards

And when volunteers commit their time to helping patients, they are rewarded in many ways.

“People that volunteer end up getting more than they give back,” Ms. Roberson said. “They go out of here feeling refilled and refreshed. It’s just a unique experience that you can’t get any other way then volunteering.”

And the perks don’t end there.

“We do luncheons, retreats and Christmas and birthday parties,” she said. “And the top three volunteers with the most hours [at the end of the year] get gift cards.”

Ms. Roberson said many people say they don’t have time to volunteer, but it only takes four hours a week to be a volunteer at Scott & White.

“Somebody [out there] has four hours to come up here and volunteer,” she said, “especially when we have patients who really need assistance.”

But if you really can’t make the commitment to volunteer at the hospital, there are other ways to help.

“Giving blood and platelets is always a great thing,” Ms. Roberson said. “Or they can make blankets for the chemo and dialysis patients. We just ask that they have a servant’s heart and a heart for our patients—because that’s number one.”

For more information on volunteering at Scott & White, visit our Volunteers website.

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