What’s Going Around? December 1, 2014

Here is this week’s edition of our “What’s Going Around” segment, where we discuss common minor health issues and ailments folks are having across our patient population.

Today, Brandon Browne, MD, an emergency room physician at Scott & White Hospital – Round Rock shares the following.

It’s hunting season in Central Texas, and area emergency doctors start seeing injuries relating to hunting from now until February or so. What emergency rooms will typically see are injuries from hunters that are headed out to a deer lease to get things set up. These injuries commonly include lacerations, chainsaw injuries, and ladder/fall injuries.

During the hunting season, aside from the unfortunate firearm mishaps, falls are also common, especially from hunting stands that fasten to a tree. It is important those are checked for stability and soundness especially if you are climbing into them in the dark.

A first aid kit with bandages, gauze, bandage scissors, tweezers, antibiotic ointment should suffice.

Firearm safety is also very important and a separate topic for discussion. In essence, assume all firearms are loaded all the time. Avoiding mixing alcohol and firearms or any dangerous situation for that matter is also critical. When planning a hunt, it is important that you let another person know your plans, a general idea of where you will be. This helps avoid hunting accidents as well as provides other people with an idea of where to look for you should an accident happen. Cell phones are often out of range in these areas, but two-way handheld radios are also useful in these situations. The first step should an injury occur is to remain calm. Have a plan of what to do, where to meet up with other hunters should an accident occur.

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What’s Going Around? December 1, 2014