What’s Going Around? January 8, 2015

Here is this week’s edition of our “What’s Going Around” segment, where we discuss common minor health issues and ailments folks are having across our patient population.

This week, Yoon Sin Kim, DO, a family medicine physician at the Round Rock Urgent Care Clinic, shares the following.

We are still seeing lots of flu, particularly influenza A.

The flu vaccine is still the best prevention we have. To avoid spread, people should cover their cough or sneezes, frequent hand washing and don’t share food/drinks/kisses if you feel you are starting to get sick. If you have a fever, try to stay home to avoid spread to others as well. If you are getting flu like symptoms and want to be tested and/or treated for influenza, then Tamiflu treats only influenza virus, not other common cold viruses and ideally should be started within 48 hours of symptoms.

Also, we’re seeing: sinus infections. When people have allergies or colds and develop lots of mucus and it does not properly drain, then it can build up in the sinus cavities and create pressure, inflammation and pain in the sinuses. The mucus can also be a nice breeding ground for bacteria and bacterial sinusitis may develop. Prevention can be geared towards measures to try to help clear some of the mucus from the sinus cavities as well as decrease the production of the mucus. Treatment can include antihistamines, steroids in various forms, sinus rinses and antibiotics if indicated.

Lastly, we’re seeing: bronchitis, an inflammation of the lower airways that can be cause mucus production and cough. It is usually caused by a virus. Standard precautions for prevention as mentioned for the flu. Treatment can include medications to help with congestion and mucus, cough. If you have wheezing or a history of other underlying lung disease, you may need steroids and inhaled medications to help open up your airway and breathing.

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What’s Going Around? January 8, 2015