3 thoughts on “Will Social Media Make You Lonely? Not In My Experience”

  1. funny, Thanks for making this your first place to comment! If you want to find web sites and articles that speak to the issue of the effect of social media on mental health, here are a few:



    http://mprcenter.org/blog/ (this is a site devoted to psychology and social media in a more general sense)

    If you are looking for social media sites that are specifically devoted to providing support and have a positive purpose in mind for those people who get involved with them, here are some very good ones:

    http://www.caringbridge.org (mentioned in the article)

    http://www.faithvillage.com (mentioned above)

    http://www.dailystrength.org/support-groups (a clearing house for online support groups of all kinds)

    I hope this helps!

  2. Thanks, Amber! I recently read conclusions from a study that stated that the difference is whether people use social media proactively and with purpose as opposed to treating it as passive entertainment. Not surprising, is it, since that pretty much applies to life in general. Hope you are doing well these days

  3. Love this, Mark. I agree with you about the value of social media. If used correctly, it allows you to meet and engage with people you otherwise might not ever know. Thanks for sharing!

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Will Social Media Make You Lonely? Not In My Experience