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It’s Thanksgiving, not the last supper

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for many people trying to watch their weight it holds an air of excitement as well as anxiety. This meal, out of all the meals in a year, is … [Read More...]


How should you talk to your kids about the Paris attacks?

Many parents struggle with what to tell their children about mass tragedies like the recent horrific attacks on Paris. These events can be difficult for adults to process, let alone … [Read More...]


Labor and delivery nurse: My premature twins are a beautiful blessing

As a labor and delivery nurse at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, I couldn’t wait to start my own family. However, my husband and I struggled through years of infertility … [Read More...]


Amy Culley lived life to the last

“Passionate” was the word everyone uses to describe Amy Culley. Amy was passionate about making a difference in people’s lives even following a stage IV colon cancer diagnosis in … [Read More...]


Proper stretching, early preparation key for marathon success

When the starting pistol pierces the cold air on December 13, thousands of runners will begin their trek towards the finish line of the fifth annual Baylor Scott & White Health BCS … [Read More...]


Cardiac rehab program gets fire captain back in fire-fighting shape

Firefighters are part of a tight network, where word travels quickly when a colleague is in need.  A telephone call between two North Texas fire departments created an opportunity for … [Read More...]