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How to Recognize Signs of Alzheimer’s in Loved Ones

A forgotten lunch date here and a sudden mood change there might not seem like much to be concerned about. But when put together, these can be early signs of … [Read More...]

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How to Find Healing after Traumatic Events

Traumatic events change us. Without exception, traumatic events have powerful effects on those who endure them. This may include the loss of a loved one, serious medical issues, … [Read More...]


Don’t Fall For These Back Pain Myths

Back pain can take a serious toll on the body. It's one of the most common reasons we miss work, and one half of all working Americans say they experience back pain symptoms each … [Read More...]


Businesses, Not the Government, Still Steer Health Care Innovation

During World War II, federally imposed controls prohibited employers from raising wages to attract workers, but the War Labor Board at that time decided that “fringe” benefits, such as … [Read More...]

shoulder pain

Treating Shoulder Pain Doesn’t Always Involve Surgery

Shoulder pain can be extremely debilitating. Just ask someone who has a torn rotator cuff. It can be an inconvenience to say the least. Just think of all the activities that require … [Read More...]


Fort Hood Tragic Shooting Continues PTSD Discussion

Once again Fort Hood is in the news for another tragic event, a shooting at the U.S. military base has the world stunned and saddened. Just a few hours after the shooting, attention has … [Read More...]


Could a Urine Test Predict Heart Disease Risk?

For the first time ever, new research suggests that the most common forms of heart disease may be detected in organs outside the heart. And if future studies confirm those findings, … [Read More...]