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Could an aspirin a day keep cancer (and heart disease) away?

New recommendations suggest that an aspirin a day could prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF), an independent … [Read More...]


Could olive oil cut the risk of breast cancer?

There is no doubt that olives and olive oil are part of a healthy diet and this is a large controlled research project which gives it credibility. The oil itself is special because … [Read More...]

relief efforts

Texans work together, provide vital supplies to Syrian refugees

What happens when violence and war steals your sense of security in your homeland? When a place you once recognized as a safe haven now perpetuates unbearable fear, threatening your … [Read More...]

Coffee Beans in Hands

On National Coffee Day, remember both the benefits and risks of our favorite bitter bean

Happy National Coffee Day, everyone. In all likelihood, this day won't change the drinking habits for most people as coffee is the official starter fluid of the morning … [Read More...]


How our lifestyle impacts aging over time

As time ticks on, it is certain that we are all getting older. As we age, some of us are resisting the inevitable, fighting to preserve a more youthful appearance. Others are harming … [Read More...]

cheering during football games

Avoid hoarseness during sporting events

It’s football season! Everyone is excited for fall weather, tailgates and cheering for our favorite teams. But when our team is not doing well, or we disagree with a call made by the … [Read More...]