What a Relief! Chronic Pain Sufferers, Take Heart.

  • Cheryl

    I think the way you said it in your post would be perfect to say to your doctor. Besides, doctors know that, with time, symptoms get worse, pain in particular. He’s more than likely just waiting for you to say the word that changes need to made in your care plan and pain management. I hope things go well for you – for us all.

  • Melissa

    I’ve been a patient of the Baylor pain management center at grapevine for well over a decade now. As I age, my pain is getting more complex and more severe. I’m still a young person at 34 and need more sophisticated and complementary treatments. How do I approach my pain management doctor, who I love and have been working with for so long, to say that I think there might be something more we can add to what we have been doing the past decade?

    • Diane

      After this long article and all the good they’re doing, did you never even get an answer to your important question ?? I hope you found a way to approach your doctor. God Bless !